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Understanding landscape processes is an increasingly sought-after skill for governments, landholders, the construction industry, and in aiding disaster recovery. Driven by industry and practitioner demand, the Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) Geomorphology specialist certification has been established to provide certification for geomorphologists in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

For the purposes of certification, Geomorphology is defined as the study of landforms and landscapes, and the physical processes that create and shape them at or near the Earth’s surface. Geomorphologists study and interpret landscape form, distribution, process and evolution. They analyse landscapes using a combination of field observations, physical experiments and modelling. The Geomorphology Specialist certification under the CEnvP Scheme is designed to promote and embed sound practice by recognising ethical and professionally competent practitioners across Australia and New Zealand.

To qualify for CEnvP Geomorphology Specialist status, you need:

  • A degree in a relevant discipline (e.g. physical geography, environmental science, geology) and evidence thereof.

  • Seven years¹ of full-time experience in the functional areas of geomorphology practice during the past seventeen years. You will be asked to provide the contact detail(s) of work verifier(s), such as supervisor(s), who can independently verify your 7 years of full-time experience. These may be the same people as the referees you nominate (see below).

  • The name, and contact details of three referees at time of application. The CEnvP Applications Team will contact them for a separate confidential report regarding professional competency and ethical behaviour. All referees should be respected environmental professionals and have known the applicant in a professional capacity for at least 2 years.

    • At least one referee must be an experienced Geomorphology practitioner who is a CEnvP Geomorphology Specialist or would be eligible to apply for CEnvP Geomorphology Specialist Certification themselves.

    • At least one referee must be external to your current place of employment.

  • To submit a detailed written statement outlining how your skills and experience meet each of the Key Proficiencies.

  • A detailed curriculum vitae.

  • A minimum of three pieces of work evidence that demonstrate the nature and scope of your professional experience (e.g. reports, publications, citations, conference/seminar presentations, and independent third-party reviews of work undertaken).

  • Evidence of a commitment to professional development completed over the past 2 years. This can be in the form of a statement or ideally a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) log (template provided on website).

  • Evidence of an ongoing commitment to CPD, in the form of a plan for the future to meet this requirement once certified.

  • A signed and witnessed Statement of Claim Statutory Declaration covering qualifications, experience, ethics, commitment and the accuracy of the materials provided to the Certification Board. A template is available on the application form.

 [1] With a relevant degree 7 years of experience is required. In lieu of a suitable tertiary qualification, an application may be considered where at least 10.5 years of full-time equivalence in the functional areas of geomorphology practice can be demonstrated.


Once certified, as a CEnvP Geomorphology Specialist you will be able to display both the CEnvP General and CEnvP Geomorphologist logos as shown below. 



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 If you are interested in becoming a CEevP certified geomorphology practitioner, you can read more about the application process and criteria here:

For further information, please contact the Chair Mick Cheetham ( or Member Kirstie Fryirs ( of the Geomorphology Specialist Environmental Advisory Committee (SEAC).


Existing CEnvP Geomorphology Specialists: 




Area of Capability

Selene Conn

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand 

Fluvial geomorphology 

Michael Cheetham

Queensland, Australia 

Fluvial geomorphology 

Ian Fuller

Manawatu-Whanganui, New Zealand 

Fluvial geomorphology 

Andy Markham

Queensland, Australia 


Andrew Brooks

Queensland, Australia

Waterway & Catchment Management

James Daley

Queensland, Australia

Applied Geomorphology

Kirstie Fryirs

New South Wales, Australia

Fluvial Geomorphology


Complete profiles of existing specialists and CEnvPs, including their contact details, can be found here: