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Big Geomorphology Webinar Series

Normally we would be preparing for the next biennial conference, but with COVID-19 this has been delayed to 2022. To keep the ANZGG spirit alive, we have organised a series of online webinars that cover advances in big themes and ideas in geomorphology. You will get an introduction to the latest research and ideas from leading researchers and practitioners. The idea is that each topic will appeal to both Australians and New Zealanders, as well as to people who generally love the landscape as much as we do. 


Next Webinar

To be announced.  If you have any suggestions for seminar ideas or speakers please email your recommendations to


Previous Webinars

To watch any of the following recorded seminars click on the title of the talk (or go to this folder). Download the files to view the whole presentation - online streaming is currently limited to a 15 minutes preview.