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History of ANZGG 

In 1982, a group of geomorphologists from Australia and New Zealand came up with the idea of an ANZGG. These pioneers: Gerald Nanson, Bob Young and Ted Bryant, along with Mike Crozier, devised a plan to form an organisation for geomorphologists with the aim to foster intellectual exchange between members of the geomorphological community. This was to be achieved through biennial meetings, the first of which was organised by Gerald, Bob and Ted in August 1982 at Ranelagh House in Robertson NSW. The format of the inaugural meeting was 3 days of sessions and field workshops on the different branches of geomorphology, and 1 day of field trips. Despite several decades passing, the format of ANZGG conferences has changed very little and is a testament to these pioneering ideas.

To read more of the original proposal and the 1st ANZGG Conference, click on the links below:

Letter from Gerald Nanson in 1982

First Circular for the Australian Geomorphology Conference 1982


Our Executive

The elected representatives of the ANZGG listed here hold office in the period between the 19th and 20th conferences:

  • President: Tim Cohen, University of Wollongong, Australia email
  • Immediate Past-President: James Shulmeister, University of Canterbury, New Zealand email
  • Vice-President: Jon Tunnicliffe, University of Auckland, New Zealand. email 
  • Secretary: Kathy Russell, University of Melbourne, Australia. email
  • Treasurer:Justine Kemp, Griffith University, Australia. email
  • Membership Secretary: Sarah McSweeney, University of Canterbury. email
  • Early Career Representative: Nicole Wheeler, Hydrobiology, Australiaemail
  • Student Representative: Jacqui McCord, University of Auckland. email
  • Website Administrator: Katie Jones, GNS Science. email
  • Professional Certification: Kirstie Fryirs, Macquarie University, Australia. email
  • Other members: Rachel Nason (Geoscience Australia), Andrew Gunn (Monash University, Australia), and Justin Stout (University of Canterbury), Wayne Stevenson (University of Otago). 

For the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG) meetings, the President or delegate will represent Australia and New Zealand.

 Association Rules

The rules of the ANZGG Association are available here (PDF file).