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The next ANZGG conference will be in Australia in Inverloch from 4 - 8 February 2019.  

The conference will be held in the local hall in Inverloch, a coastal town in West Gippsland, Victoria - close to Wilsons Promontory, lots of rivers, coasts, and the Gippsland Basin.  We are sure that you will love this region as much as we do. The conference is being organised by the School of Geography at the University of Melbourne, with help from universities across Victoria. We will soon be organising pre and post conference field trips, as well as the mid-conference day trips. For now, please note the date in your diaries, and check back here as details will be uploaded soon.



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2017 ANZGG Conference - you've missed it!

The 17th ANZGG Conference was held in Greytown in Feb 2017. Many thanks to Sam, Alastair and the Massey University crew for organsing a very successful conference. The conference materials can be accessed via the links below.

The next ANZGG Conference will be held in Australia in approximately 2 years and will be organised by Melbourne University. We look forward to seeing you all at the 18th ANZGG Conference.


Invite for ANZGG members

The British Society for Geomorphology (BSG) was established in 1960 and has a current membership of around 600 from around the world.  The society promotes a range of activities for geomorphologists including:

- an annual conference - usually in September, and including professional development workshops

- support for research - in 2015 we disbursed £60,000 in grants

- provision of resources for outreach activities

- publications - including the BSG journal Earth Surface Processes and Landforms (ESPL), and the online publication Geomorphological Techniques.

The BSG is seeking to strengthen their relationships with other groups and societies around the world with a similar focus on geomorphology. To facilitate this, the BGS is offering all ANZGG members the opportunity to attend their Annual Conference at the BSG members rate – typically a discount of ~ 25 % on the full registration. 

In order to qualify for the conference discount, ANZGG members will need to provide confirmation that they are current members of the ANZGG, such as an email from the membership secretary or a copy of the program from the last ANZGG meeting identifying you as a presenter. To qualify for full BSG member benefits (e.g. to apply for research grants, or gain free online access to ESPL) ANZGG members will need to join the BSG first – the full member subscription is currently £30 per year.

Want to find out more about the BSG? Have a look at their Twitter @geophemera, Facebook and web pages www.geomorphology.org.ukOr contact bsg@geomorphology.org.uk


Previous ANZGG conferences

Details of the previous ANZGG conferences may be found here. This includes the IAG Seventh International Conference on Geomorphology, which was hosted by the ANZGG in Melbourne in July 2009.

Publications from past ANZGG conferences are available for downloading as PDF files from here. The scanned copies include conference abstracts, field excursion guides and other miscellaneous materials dating from 1984. Many thanks to Dr Colin Pain (formerly at Geoscience Australia, now at MED_Soil Research Group, University of Seville) who kindly made them available.